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1&1’s #WordPress Specialist presented “Why JavaScript Matters” at #WCNorge on 25 Jan. Read all about it at http://t.co/JAS3whm2CP

1&1’s #WordPress Specialist presented “Why JavaScript Matters” at #WCNorge on Jan 25. Read all about it at http://t.co/yvEnGWTz8g

Specjalista ds. #WordPress z 1&1 25 stycznia prowadził prezentację „Dlaczego JavaScript ma znaczenie” na #WCNorge http://t.co/y9ckBgTyvG

Within just a week after #WCNorge. Now I got some pics developed to share :-D @bmess before rocking d house @WCNorge http://t.co/mUFOLOT7OI

That and shoes with a profile ;) RT @cageNL: Relate much @WCNorge #wcnorge http://t.co/cnZslaYZWa

@Rarst @wpengineer We tried doing semi-official #WCNorge sledding at #WCNorge 2013, but some visitors forgot that Oslo is cold in winter :P

- Hey, isn't open flame for street lights... I was going to say "wasteful", then I remembered you are Norway.

@wpengineer we agreed on that next year #wcnorge should definitely have dedicated sledding day :)

@gregoirenoyelle @benjaminlupu @thierrypigot @imath @jennybeaumont ha ! Hier, j'ai dit à quelqu'un que j'étais la seule française à #WCNorge

WordPress {VI}KINGS #WordCamp #Norway #2014 #beardandshirt #wcnorge


Until next time Oslo. Really enjoyed #WCNorge (@ Nikola Tesla Airport (BEG) - @aerodrombeograd w/ 9 others) http://t.co/AY40pAc1hK

- Your name was mentioned by Tom this morning.
- Honored, not just any name gets mentioned in Willmot family in the morning.

Gonna start a 5-3-1 program next week after getting trolled by @DeFries #wcnorge #crossfit

I finally ordered a 5S today. Most likely because everyone made fun of me at #WCNorge cc: @DeFries

Preparing for 5 x 2 hours sessions on #Wordpress development at Østfold University College, anyone have any great content ideas? #WCNorge

WordCamp Norway 2014: WordPress In a Winter Wonderland -- A post by @wptavern
@WCNorge #WCNorge


@DeFries @scottbasgaard @mikejolley So you guys have been sledging at Frognerseter. Next time ping me. I have 2 snow-racers at home #wcnorge

Woohoo! Lenovo tech dude is here to fix my computer which conked out at #WCNorge :)

Thinking about a nice product name for what I build at #WCNorge

@myrstad Hyggelig å møte deg på #WCNorge !

@hanlasse Was hoping to see you at #WCNorge, I guess I’ll see you at WordPress Olympics, wherever they’re held this year

#WCNorge If anyone took photos, be sure to upload them someplace and share links :)

WordCamp Norway was amazing! Thanks to the organizing team! It was great to meet so many talented and cool new people and friends! #wcnorge

@BardiaSol Hey! The thing we talked about at the #WCNorge after party, interested or know someone who might be? http://t.co/5ZB3CLmogH

Some great pictures from the weekend here http://t.co/08FR6OK2af… (thanks @Rarst!) If you have any as well, let us know! #WCNorge

@rarst has uploaded pictures from the weekend here: http://t.co/XOkqJktJch If you have any, let us know and we'd love to share! #WCNorge

@NiklasHogefjord Both you and I look like I just made you mad at me in this photo by @rarst at #WCNorge http://t.co/Tull9QfG7U

@aloisia for your recap, sorry but it took a crowd of us to make you look into camera for once :) http://t.co/bcbO1ismkt #wcnorge

@aloisia for your recap, sorry but it took a crowd of us to make you into camera for once :) http://t.co/bcbO1ismkt #wcnorge

WordCamp Norway 2014: WordPress In a Winter Wonderland http://t.co/RvHZCk2Fir by @pollyplummer with @aloisia & @markoheijnen #wcnorge

if you are in my #wcnorge photos and have flicr account please let me know so I can tag properly or just tag yourself :)

@DeFries I have photos of you. too many photos of you. why do I have too many photos of you? http://t.co/bcbO1ismkt #wcnorge

@pollyplummer if you need photo materials from #wcnorge help yourself :) http://t.co/bcbO1ismkt

@markoheijnen is Maria on twitter? or pass on the photo :) http://t.co/SgGwcdtvtM #wcnorge

Much appreciated Andrey! “@Rarst: @lanche86 have a photo of you :) http://t.co/TrGcPPS4iv #wcnorge

@NiklasHogefjord hadn't got any close ups, but you are in couple good room shots http://t.co/Oq6DgfQiYN http://t.co/nA56OFRgeI #wcnorge

@Rarst Great pics from #wcnorge. :) This one is my favorite: http://t.co/pm5ZPFJzqf

.@yoast came very close to loosing @cageNL that day http://t.co/4RT0EHm3uV #wcnorge

@CoenJacobs the serious viking face photo came out blurry, this is tad better http://t.co/2iEp4OEUEK #wcnorge

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